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Melbourne Basalt Bluestone

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Basalt (Bluestone) Phoenix Stone Importer &

Due to the dark grey/blue toning of the stone, basalt has been commonly referred to as “Bluestone” in Victoria and has been used extensively as pavers in the Melbourne CBD since the 1800’s. The holes that appear on the surface of basalt are as a result of gases escaping during the cooling process.


Bluestone Melbourne's Signature Stone Natural

2021-3-18  Bluestone Melbourne's Signature StoneIt (a.k.a. basalt) has been a prominent building material in Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs. Standard bluestone pavers are sealed so water can’t pass through to the base of the pavers. This means that water stays on


Bluestone or Basalt — Natural Stone and Slate

Bluestone is a commercial name for building stone, which is often basalt, a volcanic rock. It is very hard, durable, non slip and looks great. Stonehenge is made of bluestone, depicting its ability to endure. It is a timeless stone that never goes out of fashion, with Old Melbourne Gaol and much of the paving in Melbourne made of it.


Bluestone/Basalt Rock n Redgum Garden Supplies

The interior of the stone is usually pale grey or beige in colour, but is given attractively coloured surfaces by ferric oxide and other minerals deposited in joints and bedding planes. The slate is laid in masonry with the mineralised surfaces exposed. We stock


Bluestone in Melbourne Stone & Tile Centre Online

Bluestone Graphite in Melbourne and Frankston Bluestone (also known as Basalt) ranges from a dark grey to a lighter grey blue colour. Bluestone is a group of stones materials that is generally considered to be strong, dense, durable and stain resistant. In Victoria and South Australia, bluestone


Bluestone and the City: Writing an Emotional History

2020-11-28  Melbourne’s relationship with bluestone is a passionate one. The city is built at the edge of one of the largest volcanic basalt plains in the world, so there has always been a steady supply of this heavy, dark stone for buildings, foundations, kerbs and laneways. This essay introduces a new research project: an affective, emotional history of


Victorian Bluestone: An Affective Cultural History

The volcanic basalt plains of Western Victoria are the third largest in the world, and date from 4.5 million years ago. They flowed from the west and south-west of the state more or less to the point where the Merri Creek meets the Yarra River in Melbourne.


Permeable bluestone pavement City of Melbourne

Melbourne's iconic bluestone footpaths are being adapted to create a more permeable surface and improve tree health. Since the early 1980s the City of Melbourne has been upgrading the footpaths in the central city from asphalt to sawn bluestone pavers. Bluestone paving is a defining element of Melbourne’s


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